Hello again.  It’s finally flower season.  Have you noticed them everywhere from the sides of the highway to under the canopy in the forest?  Maybe you have a beautiful collection in your own garden.  This week marks the beginning of our flower share.  If you purchased a flower share, you will receive your first bunch either this week or next.  This week’s bunches contain:  Zinnias, butterfly bush, dill, calendula, strawflower, sunflower, sage and yarrow.  If you forgot to buy a flower share, there are still shares available.  The deal is a sweet one and your house will thank you for the pretty smells and the stunning visuals.

If you did not purchase a flower share, there is much to celebrate in the way of veggies in your box.


Cherry Tomatoes



Photo on 7-12-16 at 4.24 PM

Salad Mix

Zucchini and summer squash

Summer Squash



garlic in hand




Photo on 7-12-16 at 4.49 PM

Radishes are usually consumed raw but have you ever tried them cooked? Click this link for Roasted Radishes with Brown Butter, Lemon and Radish Tops.

Use celery greens in a salad or soup stock.  Enjoy!

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