This week’s box contains many ordinary and familiar vegetables and one funky one.  Purslane.  The first time I was made aware of purslane was when I was farming in Quebec.  The owner of the farm, Catherine showed me a small transplantable block of soil with a succulent looking plant poking out.  I tasted one of the leaves.  “Lemony” I said.  We had a hard time growing it in Quebec, the transplants lasted for about a month, then perished.  Since then, I have discovered it growing in all kinds of places.  Here, it grows readily.  Like dandelion greens, some people plant it for food, some farmers pull it out as a weed.  Purslane is delicious.  My sister in law loves it with minced garlic, a squeeze of lemon juice and thick, creamy, greek yogurt.  As it turns out, this recipe is a classic starter in the Turkish culture.  If you are curious, look up purslane on google and a whole bunch of Turkish recipes will turn up.  Try one and enjoy!

In this week’s box:






Zucchini/Summer Squash


Swiss Chard


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