Sorry this post is late, our usual blogger is out of town. We haven’t gotten a lot of rain this week, but what we have gotten is certainly a relief, and with the cooler weather it’s been great for starting to sprout some fall crops. Even as we’re reveling in tomatoes and squash we’re beginning to lay the ground work for broccoli, rutabaga, beets and more that will come to you in September and October.

Back to the present here’s what you have this week. Click on the blue text for recipes:


Spinach from Dulce Diamante Gardens


Tomatoes from Food Field or Cherry Tomatoes from Iroquios Avenue


Cucumbers from Food Field (some varieties are naturally yellow) (Tuesday Only)

Kale bunches

Kale from Food Field (Tuesday Only)

Zucchini and summer squash

Summer squash from Iroquios Avenue and Food Field

radishes turnips

Radishes or Turnips from Iroquios Avenue


Beets from Fields of Plenty (Saturday Only)


Collards from Fields of Plenty (Saturday Only)


Tarragon from Occupy Yourself and Singing Tree


Cilantro from Dulce Diamante Gardens

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