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This week, we had to extract veggies from the massive weeds that are overtaking this part of the world.  The rain and heat have made crops bump into serious production but unfortunately, the weeds are out of control too!  Here are some common weeds one might find in the Detroit garden:     Purslane   […]

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Ah Rain! (Week 10)

Finally, the rain came.  They said it was coming and it did.  The growers at City Commons are more than happy, we are back in business.  Let’s just hope it stays wet.  Of course the subject was brought up while we were packing boxes today and we realized something spectacular.  Seeds that we had planted […]

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Week 9

Week 9 brings beautiful bounty to your table.  In this week’s box you’ll find: Kale Cucumbers Swiss Chard Beets Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Summer Squash Basil Leaf Celery   One of my favorite dishes to make in the summer utilizes many of the ingredients from this box.  This dish is pretty too! Squash Party  Heat two […]

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Return of the Hornworms

                    Can you spot the tomato hornworm is these photos?                                 Over at Iroquois Ave I’ve been seeing signs of hornworms for the last few weeks, but it wasn’t until today […]

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Week 8: Hot Hot Heat

While the rain was much needed, the return of these hot days has definitely helped all our hot crops along. There’s so much to do this time of year the list is endless – it really never gets 100% done, we just prioritize the best we can. Besides spending lots of time harvesting all our […]

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