Do you have more vegetables than you know what to do with?  Consider processing some of your harvest and storing it until the winter when vegetables are scarce.  One obvious idea is to can your excess tomatoes.  You could also try drying extra tomatoes in a low temperature oven, then storing them in oil and herbs and salt.  Herbs are one box item that may come faster than you can use them.  Try drying extra bunches of herbs.  Leave them bunched and hang them upside down in a well ventilated area.  Too many eggplant?  Roast them in the oven, and make baba ganouj   Baba ganouj can be frozen and stored until later.  Potatoes can be kept in a cool, dry and dark place until needed.  Garlic and onions can be stored similarly.  Zuchini is delicious pickled, as are beets, carrots and radishes.  Basil, steamed spinach, steamed swiss chard, cilantro and parsley can all be ground together with oil and salt (and anything else you want) and stored in the freezer until needed.

In this week’s box:


Basil From Occupy Yourself, Singing Tree Garden

Cherry tomatoes in shopping basket

Cherry Tomatoes  and Big Tomatoes From Iroquois Ave and Food Field

Photo on 7-12-16 at 4.24 PM

Salad Mix From Dulce Diamante
Swiss Chard From Occupy Yourself and Fields of Plenty
Eggplant From Iroquois Ave and Fields of Plenty
Hot peppers
Hot Peppers From Food Field
garlic in hand
Fresh Garlic From Iroquois Ave
Flowers From Singing Tree Garden and Fields of Plenty
NOTE: This week’s garlic is fresh garlic and has not been dried.  This is meant to be used within a few weeks and not to be stored for the winter.

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