This Week’s Harvest:

Tomatoes – Food Field and Iroquois Ave Farm

Celery (Tuesday Only) – Food Field

Beans (Purple or Yellow Wax) – Fields of Plenty

Radishes – Dulce Diamente

Eggplant – Fields of Plenty and Iroquois Ave Farm

Peppers – Food Field and Iroquois Ave Farm

Sweet Potato Greens – Food Field

Beets (Saturday Only) – Dulce Diamente and Fields of Plenty

Kale – Dulce Diamente, Fields of Plenty, Food Field, and Iroquois Ave Farm

Tarragon – Occupy Yourselves

Lemongrass – Occupy Yourselves


I took a field walk the other day and saw that most of my winter squash is ready to harvest. I started getting excited for warming fall dishes like squash soup, but with these warmer fall days I’m not really in the mood for soup. The good news is that the warmer temperatures mean hot crops such as tomatoes and eggplant are still happy and healthy. Even though the days are warm, they’re definitely getting short. What that means for us is this is one of the last weeks we can plant fall crops and still harvest them this year.

Fall also means harvest festivals. This year’s member potluck is Oct 2nd and Singing Tree Gardens from 4-6pm. Look for more information to come in your inbox!



Sweet potato greens, like spinach, wilt quickly, are tender, and have a rather mild flavor. There’s a long history of cooking with these greens in a lot of Asian countries, often just a simply stir fry, with garlic, onions, soy sauce, and hot peppers. Or try this simple recipe: Sauteed Sweet Potato Greens

Eggplant Caponata – try adding the celery from your boxes to this recipe for a little extra flavor

Lemongrass Tea


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