The Beginning of Late Summer (Week 13)

Hi again and welcome to the beginning of late summer.  As the temperatures begin to drop again and kids go back to school, we farmers often get asked if we are beginning to wrap things up.  On the contrary, this is the most productive part of the season.  Our hot crops are in full swing (my tomatoes JUST started turning red), beans and herbs and greens are bumping.  Apples and late pears are coming into peak ripeness and we are busy as ever tending to young fall plants (maybe even seeding a few more before it gets too late).  This is the best time of the year to eat Detroit vegetables.

In your box this week:

Cherry Tomatoes




Salad mix


Basil (Tuesday)/Mint (Saturday)


Try this recipe if you like to eat meat.  Substitute chicken or turkey if you don’t eat red meat or omit and replace with green beans, pole beans or cranberry beans if you are vegetarian.

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