Thank you City Commons members for making this a great season.  We have ended the year with a bang.  Thanks to the weather (warm and wet late summer/early fall) and our growers, we have a wonderful box to share with you this week.


This week,

Tomatoes from Food Field

Spinach from Dulce Diamante

Rutabaga from Fields of Plenty

Turnips from Fields of Plenty

Red and Green Peppers from Food Field and Iroquois

Beets from Fields of Plenty

Carrots from Food Field

Sweet Potatoes from Food Field

Celery from Occupy Yourself and Food Field

Kale from Occupy Yourself and Food Field

Celery Root from Fields of Plenty

Parsley from Occupy Yourself

When ever I see rutabaga, I am harkened back to my days on a small farm in Quebec.  The owner of the farm was a Moroccan food enthusiast who loved the yellow turnips for their sweetness and their ability to fill the tummy on a cold day.  We used to make a cous cous dish that featured rutabaga, squash and potatoes.  I have not tried to recreate this recipe since returning but I have found a recipe that approximates the one we made.  Chicken can be substituted with garbanzos and you can add other root vegetables to the stew as you like.  The spices are the important part–and the cous cous.

Chicken and Rutabaga Tagine 

We hope you have enjoyed your season with City Commons.  If you have any comments or suggestions please email us at

We would be happy to try to incorporate any ideas into planning for future seasons.  Cheers!

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