Its week 19, the second to last week in the 2016 CSA season.  If you have a half-share and were assigned to pick up on odd weeks today is your last week.  It seems strange that the season is coming to a close and its still almost 80 degrees outside, but such is a warming world.  Maybe soon, we will be able to grow all year long…Today’s box is super spectacular.


Celeriac from Fields of Plenty


Collards from Fields of Plenty


Hakuri Turnips from Iroquois Ave


Eggplant from Iroquois Ave and Fields of Plenty


Sweet Potatoes from Food Field


Tomatoes from Iroquois Ave and Food Field


Cilantro from Dulce Diamante


Tarragon from Occupy Yourself


Scallions from Iroquois Ave and Occupy Yourself

Photo on 7-12-16 at 4.24 PM

Braising Mix from Occupy Yourself

Celeraic is a vegetable that is a little bit weird and maybe intimidating for the first time cooking with it.  It is to be peeled first and the inside is soft and delicate.  You can use the peelings in soup stock, you can use the tops for the same thing or use as you would regular celery.  I really like celeriac in in soup and stir fry.  It is also good roasted with other veggies, tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper in the oven on high heat so it gets brown and crispy.  You can grate it with your hakuri turnips, mix with mayo and mustard, tarragon, good vinegar (sweet wine would be good), salt and pepper and mix–remoulade!  It is delicious.

Try a turkey and sweet potato shepherd’s pie

Eat your veggies and enjoy!


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