We’re looking towards a strong homestretch for the CSA. Meteorologists are saying it will be unseasonably warm for the next month, and while a few of the hot crops are fading, many of our fall crops are coming on very strong. With that in mind we still have storage and Thanksgiving shares available for purchase at localhost:8888/cc_csa/shop. Even in years with rough weather we get great reviews on these extras, with a warm fall they should be especially good.

Also to put on your radar, our fall Harvest Potluck will be at Singing Tree Garden (50 E Longwood) on October 23.

Now for the main attraction: this week’s box! Recipes can be found by clicking on the blue links.


Hot peppers

Hot peppers from Dulce Diamante and Food Field


Eggplant from Iroquois Avenue and Fields of Plenty


Collard Greens from Fields of Plenty and Occupy Yourself


Arugula from Dulce Diamante


Mustard Greens from Occupy Yourself

green tomatoes

Green Tomatoes from Food Field

Cherry tomatoes in shopping basket

Cherry Tomatoes from Food Field and Iroquois Avenue


Radishes from Iroquois Avenue


Oregano (Tuesday) from Fields of Plenty or Mint (Friday) from Food Field

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