This week we have lovely things for you to eat.  The weather has been tolerable, a little dry, but after last season which was drier than normal, most of us farmers sorted out our water problems.  In some ways it is easier to farm when it is dry and the farmer can control the amount, and distribution of water on his/her crops.  Whatever the situation, we have coalesced to produce a box of scrumptious eats.
Strawberries–From Buffalo St. Farm and Food Field
Cherries (if you didn’t get strawberries, you got cherries)–From Food Field
Head Lettuce–From Fields of Plenty
Carrots–From Food Field and Fields of Plenty
Beet Greens–From Fields of Plenty
Garlic Scapes–From Food Field
Radicchio–From Food Field
Pearl Garlic–From Occupy Yourself
Oregano–From Singing Tree Garden
Dill–From Singing Tree Garden
On Tuesday, a member asked what to do with dill.  I absolutely love it paired with fish.  Try butter, pearl garlic, sautéed at a low heat, add pepper, dill and lemon juice and zest.  Add the fish and continue cooking over a medium heat with cover for 10 minutes (more or less) depending on thickness of fish. Voila!
For a salad accompaniment, take outer leaves off the radicchio, an set aside for a different use.  Cut into fine ribbons the soft heart of the radicchio, cut the lettuce head into similar ribbons.  Chop oregano fine, garlic scape minced, slice thin or grate carrot.  Add olive oil, a couple of drips of toasted sesame oil, more lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, soy sauce and pepper.  Toss and serve.  (Remember, when making dressing, the oil should be in a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio to acid/liquid ingredients.)
My girls and I have been making chocolate avocado pudding and serving it with fresh strawberries.  Mmmmm!!

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