My garden is a pretty amazing place.  It is set six blocks away from my house and tucked down a side street that dead-ends into the open lot that was once a school.  There are many wild things there, rabbits, pheasants, deer, chickweed, wild peas, dogs, my daughters.  Sometimes it is hard to make order from irregular forms that abound, a burned house across the street with scattered, half-erected beams, the grasses growing for miles, sometimes an errant rose bush or daffodils.  On Saturday, I planted scarlet salvia, a perennial that attracts hummingbirds.  My kids like it there because we picnic under the walnut tree and have a swing with a 50-foot trajectory.  Luckily, the beets that are in the box this Tuesday are not mine, the rabbits have been repeatedly eating all of their leaves and they are as small as pennies, despite having put them in the ground in April.  The savory is from Singing Tree Garden, where it grows well, almost wild, taking over half a bed with its pokey dark green leaves.  Each one of our gardens grows certain plants well, according to the preferences of the farmer, the soil and the weather.  Enjoy each of the fruits our gardens offer.

This week:

Mulberries–Fields of Plenty, Occupy Yourself, Food Field

Swiss Chard (Friday Only)–Fields of Plenty

Salad Mix–Food Field

Broccoli Greens or Kale or Radicchio (Tuesday only)–Food Field

Cherries–Food Field

Lettuce Heads–Iroquois

Tarragon–Occupy Yourself

Savory–Singing Tree

Hot Sauce–Food Field

Radishes – Fisheye Farms



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