Week 7

Mid-summer brings you some classic veggies as well as pears!  We hope you enjoy the contents of this week’s box.


Beets or carrots



Both days:

Cucumbers or onions

Cabbage or collard greens




Swiss Chard


Try making refrigerator pickles with your cucumbers.  Slice in rounds.  Mix half water, half vinegar, sugar, salt, dill or tarragon or basil, a couple garlic cloves, hot pepper if you like, heat mixture until it boils and sugar and salt are incorporated.  Pour over cucumber slices in mason jar, close lid and put into the fridge until you want to eat them!

Simple and delicious.


Kohlrabi can be intimidating looking if you’ve never encountered it before, but it’s actually a very mellow tasting veggie with a cool, crisp flavor that is perfect for these hot days. If you’re looking to experiment it is most similar in taste and texture to a broccoli stem.


The other night I made a quick and easy slaw with shredded kohlrabi and shredded carrot and a basic dressing with about a half cup of mayonnaise, a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and some honey. I then added some salt, pepper, and celery seed to season. If I’d had more ingredients and time I might have added some nuts, cabbage, and/or apple to the mix. My boyfriend likes spicier food in general and added some hot pepper flakes to his serving.


For more information and recipes check out this post on kohlrabi from a couple years ago.

Week 6

Swiss Chard Pie Another week packs yet more delicious items in your box.


Green Beans

Hakuri Turnips

Swiss Chard




Cucumbers or Zucchini


Swiss Chard again! If you have any left over from last week, combine the quantity to make Swiss Chard Pie.  I made it last week and it was amazing!! I wished I could make it for dinner every night for a week.  Try roasting the beets and kohlrabi together in the oven.  Peal and dice both, toss in olive oil, sea salt, pepper and thyme leaves.  Put on baking sheet, roast 30-40 minutes on 400 degrees.  Enjoy!

Week #5

This week we see the start of our tomato crop.  Hoop houses at Buffalo St. Farm and Food Field have allowed for ripening ahead of the field grown ones.  That’s something to be excited about.  Flower shares also started this week, pretty!

In the boxes:

Swiss chard


Tomatoes or Cucumbers



Green beans





My husband bought a grill for himself for father’s day, which I took as a hint that I wasn’t buying enough meat.  So I began buying more and eating more,  but it’s been almost a month since that fateful day and I just can’t eat (or think about) another piece of meat.  With the contents of this box, I am making vegetable soup.  Make stock ahead of time and freeze it for a quick supper.  Begin with onions and carrots, garlic if you like.  Sweat these, I like a little color too.  Add the beets, beans, squash, potatoes, diced tomatoes, salt and pepper and savory.  Add stock, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer.  Add chard and basil once other vegetables are cooked through and the soup is 5-10 minutes away from service.  Enjoy!

One of our members said she made a mushroom risotto and made use of her savory that way.  That sounded fantastic to me.  Make use of your frozen stock in this recipe too.