We farmers use the term sweet peppers to refer to any pepper that’s not spicy and, generally, one that has started to turn from green to red, yellow, or orange. When peppers change colors from green they tend to gain a little sweetness, hence “sweet peppers” In this week’s share you’ll receive one of two different varieties of sweet peppers, either cubanelles, ¬†long skinny peppers, or shishitos, a small, slender, wrinkled pepper.

You may be more familiar with cubanelles. While both peppers can be eaten fresh, these are going to be the better option. They have thicker walls, are juicier, and sweeter. Cubanelles are also delicious roasted or grilled with just a little olive oil and salt.

Shishitos are common in Japanese cooking, and while considered a sweet pepper you want to be careful, about one on ten has a spicy kick! This is the first year I’ve grown shishitos at Iroquois Ave Farm and I’ve been eating my fair share. My favorite way to prepare them is to roast them in a hot pan until the skin is blistered. This is the recipe I’ve been using:¬†Roasted Shishito Peppers. They’re great just on their own or with a yogurt dipping sauce. Or you can roast them with sesame oil and make a ginger/soy dipping sauce. Either way I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been!



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