Here’s to another delicious week at City Commons CSA.  Cheers!

This week we have:

Swiss Chard


Tomatoes (cherry and heirloom mix)


Salad Mix

Parsley or Lemongrass

Collards or Mustard Greens or Spinach

Green Tomatoes or Eggplant


Spinach or Swiss chard recipe idea.  So, I’ve noticed that pine nuts are less expensive than they were in years past, and I have been buying them to put in my pesto (yum).  And then I remembered this delicious dish I used to make at Zingerman’s that is Spanish in origin and super simple.  Sauté your spinach or chard with a generous amount of olive oil and a small amount of garlic.  Do this on medium heat to wilt the greens rather than give color.  (Use a large pan and stuff as many greens as you can into it.  It will cook down).  Once wilted, add raisins and salt, cook until the raisins are plump.  Add toasted pine nuts.  And chunks of soft goat cheese (optional).  Serve warm.

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