Many of you ordered one of our special storage shares for the 2017 season.  This means that the goodness of the CSA can last for a little bit longer even after our regular season is over.

Included in this year’s storage share:




Sweet Potatoes




Daikon Radishes

Hot Peppers

Herbal Tea

Pickled Green Tomatoes or Beans

Dried Savory, thyme or Tulsi Basil

Sun Chokes


Most of these items will store well with no intervention in a cool dry place (the fridge is ok if you don’t have another place).  Make sure that moisture is not present when storing, especially if your item is in a plastic bag you will need to check for this.  If you can see visible moisture, open the bag and add a paper towel or other moisture absorbing item in the bag with the item.  Potatoes and sweet potatoes as well as winter squash could be stored nicely in paper bags.  The hot peppers should be hung until dry.  Daikons, leeks, sunchokes, beets and Kohlrabi might be best in the fridge until use.  Tea and dried herbs can go where your other teas are, and the pickled item on a cool dry shelf somewhere.  Enjoy!!

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Marie · November 1, 2017 at 11:58 pm

It has been a wonderful season! I will be at Iroquois Farm tomorrow (10ish) to meet and help to put up that hoophouse. It will be fun – as was the Harvest Party recently.

Looking forward. Marie

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