Welcome to the first box of the 2018 season. As you can tell from this week’s box, us farmers managed to catch up after a long winter! This time of the year greens rule the harvest in Michigan. For the next few weeks you can expect to see lots of lettuce, salad and cooking greens. ┬áLuckily last weeks high temperatures didn’t send our lettuce and other baby greens into shock and cause them to start bolting, or going to seed. In addition to harvesting for this week’s share, we have been busy catching up on weeding, especially since the rain has seemed to send those weeds into overdrive. Those of us with high tunnels have also started trellising our tomatoes, which are beginning to set fruit!


Those of you picking up at The Farmer’s Hand will meet Marie, one of our member’s who is helping run distribution for the first half of the season. Thanks Marie!

This week’s share includes:

Pak Choi from Buffalo Street Farm

Salad Mix from Food Field and Fisheye Farms

Peashoots from Occupy Yourselves

Garlic Scapes from Fields of Plenty, Food Field, and Buffalo St.

Lettuce Heads from Fields of Plenty and Fisheye Farms

Watercress from Food Field

Scallions from Iroquois Ave Farm and Occupy Yourselves

Thyme OR Rosemary from Singing Tree Gardens

Try using the thyme or rosemary in a quick vinaigrette to use with all the salad greens. Peashoots are great fresh. but are also delicious sauteed quickly with a little olive oil and some garlic scapes.

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