Three cheers for the coming of week 11 and for the recent rain we that we are happy to receive. The growing season is in full swing now and more and more surprises are expected to be available soon like edible flowers, black eyed peas, spinach, carrots and a few that will remain nameless. Occupy Yourself will be having another garden get together on October 7th so come and hang out and cut some flowers for yourself or a special someone.
And before we forget, this week’s shares include:
Eggplant (multiple farms)
Green Peppers (multiple farms) or New Mexico Hatch Chiles (Buffalo Street)
Heirloom, Red, or Cherry Tomatoes (multiple farms)
Green Tomatoes (Occupy Yourself)
Swiss Chard (Fields of Plenty)
Cucumbers (Fields of Plenty)
Salad Mix (Food Field)
Zucchini (Food Field)
Asian Pears (Food Field)
And last but not least, fresh flowers from Singing Tree, Occupy Yourselves andĀ Villekula Farm
This week’s recipe is for grilledĀ green tomatoes.

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