This week’s grower spotlight falls on Buffalo Street Farm’s owner & operator, Chris McGrane. In addition to adding a second hoop house this year, since 2010 Chris has been continuously building and expanding his annual vegetable production space as well as his fruit orchard. Take a tour of Buffalo Street Farm and you will find Peach trees, Cherry trees, brambles like black berries and raspberries, and don’t forget to check out the low growing strawberry plants. Chris’ place is smoothie waiting to happen and we hope that you enjoy all that Buffalo Street has to contribute to City Commons.

This week’s shares include:
Potatoes from Buffalo Street Farm
Jalapenos & herbs from Occupy Yourself
Chard from Fields of Plenty
Head lettuce and Tomatoes from Iroquois Ave
And more tomatoes from Food Field with salad mix to boot.

This reminds me of an herb and jalapeno sauce that goes pretty swell over a baked potato. The herb (s) is optional. We prefer sesame seed oil but olive oil is fine. Add a small amount of minced jalapeno with salt, pepper and onion powder and this spicy goodness will spread over many meals. Hope you enjoy.

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