As the season nears its conclusion, we are happy to provide so our long season goodies in the last few shares of 2018. A few surprises are sweet potatoes and winter squash.
  This weeks shares include
Mushrooms from the Mushroom Factory
potatoes from Buffalo Street
rutabaga and herbs from Fields of Plenty
salad mix, shishitos & sweet peppers from Food Field
nasturtiums, herbs & flowers from Occupy Yourselves and Villakula
   This weeks grower spotlight is on Alice Bagley and Fields of Plenty. If you happen to be on Clairmont, you can see her growing space that are both sides of the street. Not only is Alice a founding member of City Commons, she is also an adamant supporter of the Oakland Avenue urban farm and you can catch her at their market on Saturdays. In addition to being a great grower and person, Alice takes care of most of the paper work for the csa and help keep us all rolling together.
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