This week at City Commons we have a great and delicious share for you. Last night we had the season’s first frost and tonight is going to be even colder. I don’t know about you but I love this season. When it gets chilly, somehow I feel even warmer. I light fires, make soups and enjoy the company of my family and friends. This week’s box includes exciting items such as winter squash and heritage corn. This corn is a small variety but it packs a big punch! Try cutting it off the cob and caramelizing over high heat with butter. Sprinkle this on top of pureed winter squash soup, sprinkle scallions. Yummy!

In the share this week:

Green tomatoes from Food Field and Iroquois Avenue Farm

Scallions from Iroquois Ave Farm

Winter squash from Fields of Plenty and Iroquois Avenue Farm

Carrots from Fields of Plenty

Beets from Fisheye Farms

Garlic from Food Field

Potatoes from Fields of Plenty

Corn from Occupy Yourself

Tomatoes from Iroquois Avenue Farm and Food Field

Dill from Iroquois Avenue Farm

Note: Choice of carrots or beets, choice of Potatoes or corn or tomatoes

If you get beets, try borsht. If you get carrots, try carrot cashew soup. Try a pasta dish made with the winter squash cut into small cubes and a simple cream sauce.

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