Detroit is a beautiful place to be in October(at least when the sun is shining). The bright colors of changing leaves remind us by contrast how verdant our city is during the growing season. Of course, we feel sad that this is our last week of the CSA. But, it is also time to stop and appreciate the year we’ve had, all thanks to you!

Community Supported Agriculture really is just that; you’re not just a customer in the traditional sense, you are part of a community on which we depend to help us farm. Many of you have been members for years, watching City Commons expand and change over time. Thank you for your commitment! Others may have just joined this year, and we are so glad you took the chance on us!

We hope this year has been rewarding for each of you, and we can’t wait to get your feedback about what you liked best and what you think could be improved upon. Look for the link to a seasonal satisfaction survey, which should soon arrive in your e-mail.

The last week will include another round of mushrooms from The Mushroom Factory. These ones are of the Chestnut variety, a lesser known mushroom that can be cooked and eaten whole with the stems attached. Mushroom-farmer Deana recommends roasting them to use as a salad topping. Alternatively, try braising with shredded collards, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, and salt make your stewed greens heartier without using bacon or ham hocks.

For those of you who purchased storage shares, this will be an especially climatic week. The storage shares looked great today, but more importantly they smelled great! You’ll get plenty of herbs, including some herbal tea, which will perfume your kitchen through the fall and winter. Alice grew some gigantic Kohlrabi at Fields of Plenty, perfect in the recipe we shared this spring for kohlrabi in cheddar sauce.

Holiday shares will be distributed November 17th to those who have ordered one.

Thank you again for your support this season and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

This Week’s Share:
Chestnut Mushrooms- The Mushroom Factory
Mixed Bell Peppers- Food Field
Salad Mix – Food Field and Beaverland Farm
Cabbage, Kohlrabi, or Fennel – Iroquois Avenue Farm
Shishitos or Jalapeno Peppers – Occupy Yourself or Food Field
Chard or Kale – Occupy Yourself, Food Field, and Fields of Plenty
Broccoli Greens or Collard Greens – Occupy Yourself and Fields of Plenty
Assorted Fresh Herbs – Singing Tree and Occupy Yourself

Storage Share:
Onions- Buffalo Street Farm
Garlic – Food Field
Kohlrabi – Fields of Plenty
Potatoes – Buffalo Street Farm
Sweet Potatoes – Food Field
Winter Squash – Iroquois Avenue Farm
Beets – Fields of Plenty
Sage and Rosemary – Fields of Plenty and Food Field
Herbal Tea – Singing Tree
Homemade Jam – Buffalo Street
Homemade Tomatillo Salsa – Food Field

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