Many people might think that seasonal eating means only meat (or beans) and potatoes (or other stored root veggies) all winter, but until it gets super cold there are also plenty of fresh greens and freshly harvested root vegetables to be eaten as well.

Those getting a Thanksgiving CSA this week will be getting some greens harvested in this cold weather. Greens and root vegetables both tend to get sweeter after some freezing weather. This is actually the secret to how these plants survive the cold, the extra sugar acts as a sort of antifreeze. Many folks won’t even harvest collard greens until after the cold weather sweetens them up.

Even with the sugar/antifreeze, the greens have been beaten up a bit by the freeze thaw cycles. They may not store in your fridge quite as long as the same veggies did during the summer. I’d recommend cooking your chard and broccoli greens sometime in the first 4 days after you get them.

Enjoy your fresh and sweet veggies.

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