First off, please note that because of the holiday this is Week 4, an EVEN pick up week if you have a half share. One extra week of waiting if you have an ODD share.

Second, thanks for supporting us farmers in taking a “week off”. Of course, as a farmer you never really get a week off. Alice at Fields of Plenty was setting up trellising for her cucumbers and tomatoes. Donny and Roxanne harvested the garlic for this week’s box (photo of it curing below). Roxanne, Ollie, and Elizabeth still took some of our produce to Eastern Market on Saturday.

A few of us did manage to get out of town or to the beach. Elizabeth and her partner went camping for a couple days, Alice made it to Belle Isle beach on the 4th, Ollie snuck off to the woods with their dog as well.

While not ideal as far as creating scheduling havoc (sorry if we created any confusion for you)- having this week off helps us to push into the hotter days of the summer with a little extra prep, plus find at least a little time for some R&R.

Here’s what you are getting in your box this week

  • sour cherries
  • salad mix
  • head lettuce
  • fresh garlic
  • chives
  • beets
  • carrots

Please note that your garlic this week was recently harvested. It’s a little more flavorful than when it has had time to cure, though also a little harder to peel! It’s a great time to make a pesto sort of thing with any herbs you have handy (I’ve never tried it with chives but I’d love to hear if that works for you).

The cherries are sour, the kind that are generally used for pies. My partner likes to eat them fresh, he’s the kind of guy who likes those super sour patch candies too. I would reccomend cooking them with a little sugar or honey to make a cherry sauce for some ice cream, or even just mixing them in with some sweeter fruit like a strawberry or raspberry.

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