Week 6


This week’s share

Swiss Chard

Green Onions






Gooseberries (Tuesday Only)

Cherry Tomatoes (Friday Only)

Heat wave

It’s time to jump in the pool! The phrase is often heard at Occupy Yourselves garden.  While a lot of folks would think of a cool wet dip in an actual pool of water. 

 This is a metaphor for diving in the heat of the day outside with the crops. The humidity has been so high lately you definitely end up soaked in no time. There has been enough rain to keep competing weeds a constant opponent in a physical fight.  The reward of staying on stop on this task results in stronger more fruitful plants.


We are replacing spring crop beds to fall crop beds and that means work with clearing and planting new crops like spinach broccoli and collard to be ready for when the days shorten and the weather cools.


New potatoes 

This week we will have our first potatoes and what a glorious feeling to harvest these treasures from the ground. The excitement that ensues from discovering what is hidden for weeks is what makes it a favorite to grow. Several of our farmers are growing potatoes this year. So you can explore numerous ways to prepare and enjoy. (In my opinion any time you have garlic and potatoes 😋 a yummy good time!)

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