Week 10
This week’s share includes
Green Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes
Kale OR Collards
Swiss Chard
Carrots (Full Shares ONLY)
Cucumbers (Half Shares ONLY)
We love to identify the different varieties of pollinators that frequent our garden, and to plant things that encourage them to bring their friends. Below are pictures of black swallowtail butterflies. Males are yellow or yellow-orange with black tiger stripesFemales can range in color from the yellow of the male to an almost solid bluish-black.
    The female swallowtail lays single green eggs on the leaves of woody plants. The caterpillar is brown and white when it is young, but it changes green as it grows older. Swallowtail larvae eat the leaves of woody plants like wild cherry, tulip, birch, ash, cottonwood, and willow. The adults eat the nectar of flowers from a variety of plants including butterfly bush, milkweed, Japanese honeysuckle, phlox, lilac, ironweed, and wild cherry. These swallowtail in our garden really like the Zinnia and Cleome.
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