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Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Orange is in season and we are seeing it more and more as fall grows closer. Whether it’s the monarch butterflies that look like chameleons sitting on marigolds and orange zinnias, or the bottoms of the acorn squash, or the pumpkins peeking out from under those huge leaves and brightening up the patch, autumn orange is a welcome change after the dry heat of summer.

Pumpkin spice, though probably the most common, is only 1 of the many uses for this crop which will store for months. The seeds are great roasted and birds also really like them. Saving seeds from heirloom pumpkins, lime sugar pie, make a readily available source of future fruit and with better genetics for your growing zone/space.

Then there is pie, of course which is probably our favorite, but pumpkins can add sweetness to soups and stews, or fried with potatoes and onions. Some people even cube pumpkins into chunks and marinate and roast them.

Pumpkins used as decoration are already starting to find themselves on display. You may even see pumpkins used as planting pot which will compost over time and add nutrients to the soil. There are so many things to do with pumpkins, it’s no wonder why they remain the king of fall fruit.

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