I love storage veggies, I hope you do too. Here is what is in there, in approximate order of which store the longest (at the bottom):
Hot Peppers
Jerusalem Artichokes aka Sunchokes
Storage Radishes
Sweet Potatoes
Winter Squash (Acorn and Butternut)
Dried Herbs
Items you should store in the refrigerator in plastic and/or crisper drawer: hot peppers (or you can dry them), Kohlrabi, Sunchokes, Radishes, Rutabagas, Celeriac, Parsnips
Items to keep at room temperature or cooler in a dry/well ventilated spot (a mesh onion bag is great for this): Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes (make sure they are some place dark), onions, garlic, winter squash
Dried herbs should be kept at room temperature in a plastic bag or glass jar.
Here are some links to recipes for some of these vegetables:

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