Dollia and Rasaan shelling Scarlet Runner beans

This week’s share:
Salad Mix
Green Tomatoes
Heirloom OR Cherry Tomatoes
Collards OR Swiss Chard
Green Onions
Sweet/Green Peppers on Tuesday
Carrots  on Friday

These cherry tomato plants have been producing large amounts of fruit since August. The first frost seems to be bidding its time and allowing our warm weather crops to stick around and stay active, but soon it will be time to erect the quick hoops and low tunnels and shift the focus to winter carrots, beets, turnips and kale.

Cooler days mean less stress on the field for the rest of the year. Less need to water and weed, and more time to turn compost, move mulch, and other secondary tasks that get forgotten about during the actual growing season. Fall is our favorite because the shorter work days leave more time for family and friends. Check out the Apple Cider press happening today at Food Field to see how Cider is made or just to have a cup and hang out with friends. For more information about the event today, follow this link:

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