Trellising Cucumbers at Iroquois Ave Farm

Welcome to the first week of City Commons CSA!

This week’s share:
Salad Mix
Head Lettuce
Garlic Scapes
Green Garlic
Cooking Greens
Sweet Cherries OR Sugar Snap Peas
Scallions (TUESDAY ONLY)

Goings on at Iroquois Ave Farm

I’ve approached the time of the season when all aspects of the farm are in full swing. I haven’t quite finished all my field plantings (like usual I’m a little behind), every bed needs to be weeded, tomatoes in the hoophouse and in the field need to be trellis, and now I’m adding harvesting and CSA pick-up to the mix. Hooray! Honestly though, it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work, and the best part. I’ve also had a few new visitors to the farm, including 2 deer who decided to snack on some of my tomato plants and lettuce. Luckily they didn’t do too much damage before I scared them off. This week I’ll finish planting my summer and winter squash a little later than I’d planned, and I’ll continue to weed, trellis and harvest.

Freshly Weeded Kale

Between all the farm work, COVID concerns, and the protests this has been a physically and mentally taxing time. I’ve been infinitely grateful to have the farm to turn to. As a member of the farm community, I’m also looking and learning about the role the history of farming has had in contributing to the current protests. For those of you interested I found the following podcast a great beginning in illuminating the systemic racism within the USDA:


You may have noticed that your share is full of greens. This is greens season, as they thrive in the cooler weather of spring and early summer.

My current favorite salad dressing: Maple-Dijon Vinaigrette

Considering adding your cooking greens to this one: Spaghetti with Green Garlic

I figured we could all use a cup of chamomile tea this week: Fresh Chamomile Tea


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