This week’s share:
Salad Mix
Strawberries (double pints for Friday and Saturday)
Hakurei Turnips
Cherries (Tuesday only)
Garlic Scapes – Double Bunches
Head Lettuce

Freshly Weeded Turnips, Head Lettuce, and Fennel

Goings on at Iroquois Ave Farm

The hot weather last week definitely slowed me down, but I managed to finish weeding almost all the beds, and continued to prep my squash beds. This week I’ll finish planting out those squash beds, and continue to trellis all my tomatoes. This is the first year I’ve grown cucumbers in the hoophouse, and I’m excited to have them in the box this early in the season. They seem to be thriving and I’m hopeful for a lengthy harvest season. Hope you all like cucumbers! This week I’ll also be starting my fall transplants – think more head lettuce, napa  and regular cabbage, and broccoli. And as always I’m checking the weather forecast constantly trying to will more rain clouds our way!

I was also excited to see some amazing Detroit organizations launched a joint fundraiser over the weekend to provide assistance to Detroit Black Farmers with purchasing their land. I was able to easily purchase my land, but that’s not the case for many black farmers who faced increase barriers to land ownership. They’ve exceeded their goal, but the more they raise, the more Detroit farmers they can help. The link is here is you’re feeling inspired: Detroit Black Farmer Land Fund


As quickly as they arrived they’re already gone. This is the last week for garlic scapes, which is why we included double bunches. Here’s a great pesto that can easily be frozen or used fresh – especially great on pizza!

Roasted Hakurei Turnips with Israeli Couscous – great over a fresh bed of lettuce

Strawberry Salad



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