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Zucchini or Carrots
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Update from Fields of Plenty
This week at Fields of Plenty we are catching up on a lot of planting! At my farm we don’t have a city water hook up (a long story for perhaps a future blog) and rely on a water catchment system. Obviously when we have a long dry spell that presents a lot of challenges, including putting our planting on hold for a few weeks.
This is my seventh year growing in this space so I’ve done a lot to adapt to working with less water. It starts with crop selection, you’ll never get salad mix or other super thirsty plants from my farm. Then there is flexibility built into my planting schedule so that if we do hit a dry spell I can wait a couple extra weeks to plant new seeds or transplants, which need more water while they are established. Finally we use a lot of mulch. Mulching also helps with keeping the weeds down and creating an overall healthier soil environment.
Most of the crops I’m planting this week (beans, cucumbers, squash, rutabaga, beets) will make their appearance on your table either in September or October. Luckily many of our summer crops like tomatoes, eggplant, summer squash, and peppers are about to hit their stride for some delicious summer dishes.
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