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Cherry Tomatoes
Carrots or Green Peppers (Tuesday Only)
Potatoes or Green Beans (Fri/Sat Only)
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News from Fields of Plenty
With the great rain we’ve had over the past several days we are in full weeding mode over at Fields of Plenty!  Weeding is a constant on every farm’s to do list, but especially when we have the combo of rain and heat it is good to bump it up to the top before the weeds get out of control.
While weeding can be tedious it also soetimes provides the excuse to check over plants for other problems they might be having. Just yesterday I was pulling a bit of thistle near my squash plants and noticed the eggs of squash bugs on one of the leaves. Squash bugs are one of my least favorite pests and we get it with them every year. They suck the juices out of the plant, causing them to slowly wilt and hurting yields. The best way to deal with them organically is to pick them off the leaves early in the morning and drop them in soapy water, if you squish them they release a stinky smell that can also attract more of them to the area. Even better is to catch them at this early stage when they are just eggs and you can get rid of them before they even cause trouble.
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