This week’s box:

Cherry Tomatoes
Carrots Or Eggplant (Tuesday Only)
Cucumbers (Fri/Sat Only)
This is the first week you can make one of my favorite summer dishes: Ratouille!
You can also make my partner’s favorite summer dish: Gazpacho
We also have a sweet treat this week, honey! Bees and other insects are super important helpers on all of our farms. While you might think of a farm as a collection of plants and animals, a whole ecosystem including microbes, fungi, insects, arachnids, and more are included (and we’ll leave some of those for a future blog post).
Due to climate change, habitat destruction, and pesticide use many scientists have said that we are going through an insect apocalypse all over the world. Luckily, by purchasing local, pesticide free food you are already investing in stemming that disaster. Other things we do on the farm (and that you can do) to help insects in our world include:
– Growing flowers, especially native ones
– Not using pesticides on your garden and lawn
– Cutting your lawn longer and leaving clover and other “weeds”
– Leaving leaves and dead plants in at least some part of your garden to provide winter shelter
– Electing politicians who support fighting climate change, preserving open space, and investing in regenerative agriculture.

Ladybug eating some aphids

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