About our Community Supported Agriculture program

City Commons is a cooperative of Detroit farms raising food with common resources for common people in Metro Detroit.

Community Supported Agriculture is a fantastic way for people who care about local food, sustainable agriculture and revitalizing the local economy to get directly involved in making it a reality. CSA members support the farms by buying seasonal “shares” that provide them with vegetables and other farm products. Members receive boxes of farm fresh goodies every week during the growing season. City Commons is a cooperative urban CSA; the produce you receive is all grown in Detroit at six market gardens located throughout the city. The food you receive each week has been grown using sustainable methods, meaning that we do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Produce for City Commons CSA is grown by many farmers: Alice Bagley spent four years running a farm in eastern Washington and now runs Fields of Plenty where she moves her plants and produce all over Detroit by bicycle. Emily and Meg have traveled the world in search of good eats, only to find that they can grow the freshest food right in their own neighborhood at Singing Tree Garden, uptown Detroit. Noah Link and Alex Bryan grow vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish, honeybees and more at Food Field near historic Boston-Edison. Chris McGrane grows food on the east side of Detroit. Elizabeth Phillips grows food in Southwest Detroit.

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  1. Is there someone to talk to by phone? I only have access to this e sometimes. This is a good thing, want to know more.

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