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Week 2: July 21

Thankfully we’ve gotten some respite from the oppressive heat over the last few days, which has been great for us farmers. Harvesting in 100+ degree heat is no fun, and it’s hard to keep the greens fresh when the sun has been baking them all day. But the heat did Read more

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Box descriptions

Week 1: July 14

We grew a whole box of stuff for you! Carrots (Farnsworth, Singing Tree) Beets (Fields of Plenty, Farnsworth) Red and green basil (Singing Tree) Cabbage (Buffalo St) Cherry tomatoes (Buffalo St) Scallions (Vinewood Knoll) Garlic (Fields of Plenty) Sage (Buffalo St) Swiss Chard (Vinewood Knoll) Kale (Vinewood Knoll) Flower Bouquets Read more

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