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Week 16

Do you have enough peppers yet?  Who likes hot sauce?  Some like a lot and some like a little but almost everyone likes hot sauce from time to time.  So, make some!  Take stems off peppers and throw them into a blender or food processor.  Add garlic, acid (lime, lemon, vinegar) and a generous amount […]

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Cabbage is in the same family as broccoli, kale, collards, and many other health power houses.  It was domesticated in Europe before 1000 BCE, but can now be found in food from all over the world. Cabbage is a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and dietary fiber. I love raw cabbage salads during […]

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2014 Storage Share

Vegetables with longer shelf lives to keep you eating seasonally into the cold weather!   Storage shares have: 1. Cherry tomato salsa (Tuesday) or pickled beets (Saturday)  and cucumber pickles (both days)  all canned this summer. Good up to 1 year if left sealed; refrigerate after opening.   2. Daikon radishes. Can store for several weeks. […]

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2013 Storage Share

Here’s what is in your storage share, along with tips to store it: The farmers of City Commons salute your wisdom in buying a storage share. This box of goodies will keep you eating delicious, organic food into the fall and maybe even winter months. Below find a few tips on how to best store […]

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Storing the Harvest July 2013

Feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of produce you’re getting in your box?  Want to avoid cooking until it cools down a bit?  Here are some ways to store the things you’re getting in your box this week: Green Beans- Green beans freeze really well.  Just steam or blanch for about 2 minutes and then put […]

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Shallots are in the onion family and have a taste a little between an onion and garlic.  The flesh is a little less strong tasting than an onion.  They will add delicious delicate flavor to any dish.  Try caramelizing them and then sauteing some thinly sliced beets to serve with them.  Like onions or garlic  […]

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Storing the Harvest 2

Too many veggies to eat right away?  Here are some tips to keep your produce looking nice until you get around to eating it.  You can also check out more tips with our first Storing the Harvest. Fresh tomatoes will store best withe the stem side pointed down (especially if the stem is no longer […]

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Storing the harvest

Feeling overwhelmed by the produce piling up?  Don’t worry, there are lots of ways to properly store your goodies so they will keep until a less bountiful day. Carrots store well in a cool place for several weeks.  Cut off all but an inch of the greens, place in a plastic bag with some holes […]

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