Community Supported Agriculture is a fantastic way for people who care about local food, sustainable agriculture and revitalizing the local economy to get directly involved in making it a reality. CSA members support the farms by buying seasonal “shares” that provide them with vegetables and other farm products. Members receive boxes of farm fresh goodies every week during the growing season. City Commons is a cooperative urban CSA; the produce you receive is all grown in Detroit at seven market gardens located throughout the city. The food you receive each week has been grown using sustainable methods, meaning that we do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

What you should know before you join

City Commons CSA membership helps you to share in the risks and the rewards of the farm.
Sharing the rewards means a huge array of sizes, shapes, and colors of produce, some you may have never tried before. A weekly email newsletter will accompany your share, including recipes, information, and suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and help you enjoy your farm wealth to the maximum. CSA members will be first in line for produce as it comes ripe and with seven farms there should be plenty of variety.Sharing the risks means that the diversity (and, for some vegetables, quantity) of your weekly share may vary depending on growing conditions. If we get an infestation of squash bugs, there may not be as much zucchini as we’d like, or an early frost may mean a shortened tomato season. Because we grow a large variety of vegetables and flowers, a bad pepper year can be a fantastic cucumber year – and a boring July can easily give way to a blockbuster August.

Joining City Commons is a win-win

Good for you:

  • The best and the freshest of our weekly harvest is reserved for our CSA members’ shares
  • Healthy for you and good for the environment — All our produce is grown with organic fertilizer, natural pest control and lots of care for the land
  • Explore new vegetables, get weekly recipes and a newsletter
  • Great deals — CSA members will be first in line for additional, special offers

Good for the Farm:

Your participation helps us…

  •  Spend more time growing great food, and spend less time marketing
  •  Try new varieties – providing new and unusual treats for your culinary and visual enjoyment
  •  Provide a local food option for the Detroit Metro area